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Downplaying Bad Grades Through Sample College Application Essays

There are some universities and colleges that don't give as much weight on grades and SAT scores in their application requirements. But that doesn't give you license not to care about your academic records, particularly your grades? Since the competition for your chosen college can be tough, bad grades can be the one that will close the door on your college application. That's why you need to address these bad grades in your admission essay. You have several ways in which you can lessen the impact of these bad grades on your application. For example, you can look at sample college application essays by people who have bad grades but still got accepted into their chosen courses and colleges. Though particular situations would differ, there are general methods on how you can mitigate the possible effects of these bad grades.
Admission essay tips
One tip is to look for justification for your bad grades. The word here is justification, not excuses. Whining about how boring or unfair your teacher is just won't do. You need to look for acceptable reasons as to why you got the scores that you have. You may use lack of interest as a reason, so long as you can justify it, such as developing more interest and devotion to another skill or subject. You may say that English is your poor subject, but you're an expert at Math and Science. Or, you may not have a particular subject your exceptional at, but you have a lot of interests and experiences in machinery or metalworks. That can work. The essential thing is to show that even if you don't excel in academics, you do excel in other things.
Another tip is to just downplay the bad grades through your college admission essay. You can show in your essay your passion, your personality, and how it can relate to the course and college that you're applying for. There are cases wherein people with average grades but with good admission essays have passed the selection process. Admission officials have feelings too, and there is a chance that you can win them over through your willingness to learn and determination. You can find good sample college application essays that used this approach. Though it may seem like a Hail Mary pass, it does work. The only thing is, this would be a bit difficult to pull off.
Bad grades may be bad for your college application, but they're not the only determinants for the success of your college admission. So use whatever means you have available to lessen the impact of these grades. One of your best weapons is your admission essay. By focusing on the good things and giving the right justifications, you greatly improve your chances of admission. Plus, there are sample college application essays that can help you do that. Now, it's just a matter of writing the right things to convince admission officials that you are worth their pick.

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